Welcome to Clem's Christmas Haus of Lights!
Visit us at 1623 San Rafael, Dallas, Texas 75218
December 14, 2008 thru January 2, 2009
(Static display starts on Thanksgiving. Partial shows begin on Sunday, December 1st)
6:30 pm till 10:30 pm nightly, weather permitting
Tune your radio to 93.5 FM when you drive by!

We hope you're having a wonderful Holiday Season! We work on our display year-round. The lights start going up on November 1st and are finished by Thanksgiving, then the lights and music are choreographed. Our display is a computer-controlled light extravaganza! We use 2 miles of extension cords and wire and over 30,000 lights of all colors. These are controlled by 160 channels of Light-O-Rama control. We sync the lights to music and transmit this using our low-range radio frequency that you can receive when you tune to 93.5 FM on your car radio.

Pictured here are the crew: Christi Christmas, our ice-skater, then Josh Akers and Mike Clem; Shelly Clem and Cooper are seated.
For 2008, we have added Candy Cane trees and many other kinds of Christmas trees, "Sno" signs, a talking Santa, and much more for the entire family. We are able to color-change the house into 4 different colors. Over 50 large snowflakes are placed all around the display, to remind you of falling snow. Our ice-skater, Christi Christmas, whose skating is...well...she's really pretty!
We really love the Christmas Season and hope you do also. Come by and see us! Even Santa stops by on many a night! We'd love to share some popcorn with you and talk about Crazy Christmas lights!
...The Clem Family

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